natureDeck ~ The Healthy Choice

Nature Deck gives today’s discerning builder, DIYer and homeowner an arsenic free, chrome free, sustainably sourced option when considering a decking solution for outdoor space. Preserved to H3.2 level Nature Deck is a durable, low maintenance and cost effective decking material that you will enjoy for years. 

Cost Effective, Healthy (Arsenic Free) Alternative To Regular Pine Decking That You Will Enjoy For Years. The responsible, natural choice to keep your family safe.

NZ pine decking timber is not naturally durable when used outdoors and so must be treated. Traditionally the pine timber decking has been treated with CCA which stand for Copper Chrome Arsenate – chrome and arsenic are now considered to be undesirable chemicals for human contact.

The new generation of ACQ treatment chemicals uses only copper and so the ACQ Treated Pine Decking timber is considered to be very safe for human contact. The copper makes the lumber a pale to mid green colour that fades with time.

ACQ arsenic free decking timber size: 90mmx22mm / 140mmx32mm.
ACQ arsenic free decking timber length: Random or Set length packs 1.8m to 6.0m.
ACQ arsenic free decking timber grade: KD Clear no knots / Premium (some small knots) / No.1 (tight knot) / Merch.

  • N The healthy Decking choice – Arsenic free pine decking to protect your family from nasty chemicals.
  • N Cost-effective alternative to imported tropical hardwoods.
  • N 50 year warranty – impervious to rot, decay and insect attack.
  • N Sustainably sourced from New Zealand forests.
  • N Full design and installation service available within New Zealand and Australia.
  • N Durable and low maintenance – a few hours a year is all it takes to keep your deck looking great.
  • N Suitable for many architectural designs – use the traditional reeded face or smooth face – install to suit your design or preference.
  • N Buy direct from manufacturer and save hundreds.