New Zealand Southland Maple Beech

If you’re looking for a uniquely New Zealand, sustainable and readily available home grown timber then look no further than Lindsay & Dixon’s Southland Maple Beech. Ideal for both residential and commercial interior feature applications, Southland Maple Beech has been widely used in major New Zealand projects, most notably the Wellington Supreme Court.


With a focus on sustainability, Lindsay & Dixons forests and manufacturing facility in Southland is 100% FSC Certified making it one of the few sustainable, fully integrated, native forestry operations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Buildpro Arcom is proud to represent Lindsay & Dixon’s Southland Beech timber and wood products at an architect and specifier level in New Zealand.

With strong family ties between Buildpro Arcom and Lindsay & Dixon, Buildpro Arcom is committed to working alongside architects and specifiers to assist with specifying the beautiful Southland Maple Beech timber.

NZ Beech-Additional Information:

The beauty of timber is that anything is possible! Sometimes it does take some time but we can customise the Southland Beech product to meet your exacting architectural requirements.

Common sawmill sizes include sawn thickness of 25mm / 32mm / 40mm and 50mm and common sawn timber widths include 50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 125mm / 150mm and 200mm.

Larger sizes are available through state-of-the-art edge laminating and face laminating production capabilities that enables Lindsay & Dixon to achieve finished thickness of up to approximately 100mm and widths of up to approximately 900 – 1000mm. For custom produced laminated beams and panels there is a length restriction of approximately 3000mm. Take a look at the images from the recently completed ECan Building in Christchurch, expertly designed by Wilson & Hill Architects, Lindsay & Dixon manufactured laminated product of 300mm x 75mm for this project.

Contact us today with your project requirements and we can provide all the guidance and advice you need to make the most of your Southland Beech feature timber project. We can also help with the utilising the best sizes and manufacturing process to ensure you have the most cost effective use of the Southland Beech timber.

Southland Maple Beech

    • N 100% FSC Certified
    • N A true NZ grown, NZ produced, sustainable product
    • N Competitively priced against imported timbers such as Oak, Ash, Cedar and Maple
    • N Readily available
    • NFull range of solid timber and veneer options to suit your specific requirements
    • NA very successful track record of supply into small, medium and large scale projects throughout New Zealand
    • NA range of options that meet the MBIE S3 fire rating requirements
    • NCoating and pre-finishing options are available
    • NBuy direct from the producer – Buildpro does not make a margin on architectural projects (Buildpro provides marketing & project based quantifying services for Lindsay & Dixon)
    • NLaminating production facility enables the production of large sections of timber
    • N12,000 ha under management





Supreme Court, Wellington

Koru Lounge, Air New Zealand